Karate Courses coming up …

Luckily GibShot’s friends across the border keep us updated on courses. We couldn’t make the Saturday Summer courses in Barbate as spending every Saturday morning travelling to Barbate beach wouldn’t go down well with our partners. However I have heard recently of the following courses that may interest those of you looking for a karate holiday in the autumn.

October: In San Fernando, Sensei Kobayashi 7th dan is heading over to the Cadiz province for a few days once again courtesy of the JKA.The course lasting three days will cost approx 70€

Also in October on the 27-29th weekend in Los Alcazares, Murcia, an

international karate course the following three gentlemen two are of legend one is of considerable repute, I’m beginning to sound like an advert. Either way if you have

some cash, want to mix it a little then from experience of the courses in Spain I can tell you they are worth their weight. Their training is clearly JKA and for any Shotokan student fits any model you’d care to mention. They are very affable, helpful and like a sayonara party when there is one.

Which is regularly.