Visit of Sensei Mick Dewey 8th dan

It is always a pleasure to have my own sensei visit my small dojo in Gibraltar. As Founder, chairman and Chief Instructor of the Shotokan of England Karate Union (SEKU) he brings not just his personality but the friendship of SEKU in abundance. It is also not just the chance to catch up but to send me back to the basics of what he taught and continues to teach. My students all love his visits so it helps refresh their ideas and reinforces my own teaching.

The kata we covered was Ni Jushi Ho with a lot of emphasis on the stances in particular. I actually managed before Tuesdays lesson managed to film him doing the kata himself which was great. I added to it a small amount of interview I did a day later where we talked about Portsmouth Karate Club and how it basically is the source of all shotokan karate clubs in the South of England. You can view the video here if you wish. It also gives a little history of Portsmouth KC.

The grading Thursday proved difficult as always for me like some idiotic parent the tiniest error leaves me red in the face but the fact is these errors are nothing and natural in such a pressured environment as testing your ability physically and mentally. It was successful for the students and the chinese meal at the Shang Hai in Ocean Village was well needed.

Still Gibraltar Shotokan KC continues to roll and as always we look for new members. Contact me via here if you wish to dip a toe in the water and change your life for the better.




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