KIHON is the Japanese word for ‘basics’ and basics in terms of karate are the first steps you take in the martial art. It is where we learn how to block, step, strike, form a fist, in fact anything that you do in the first few years could be termed as learning the basics. Of course in order to keep your training up, it is expected that you will always practice these basics and improve them.

KUMITE loosely is fighting or sparring. There are several forms of kumite and each form is dependant on your grade (belt colour). Obviously starting with the simplest then as you progress you will demonstrate your skills freestyle, sparring again using correct karate techniques this isn’t a simple scrap. As a rough guide the following are the types of kumite.

  • Sanbon kumite – three step sparring, pre-arranged attack and counter exercise for beginners
  • Gohon kumite – five-step sparring, pre-arranged attack and counter exercise for beginners
  • Ippon kumite – one step sparring, typically used for self-defense drills
  • Jiyu Ippon kumite – At brown belt level this is one step attack & immediate counter attack with pre-announced attacks (6)
  • Kiso kumite – structured sparring drawn from a kata
  • Jiyu kumite – free sparring