Latest from GibShot

It’s been ‘a’-while as they say mainly due to me concentrating my writing elsewhere but don’t fret I’m still here. Throughout the summer Gibshot as usual decamped to a studio kindly lent to us by Transition as we still try to find a permanent home. The school spaces via the GSLA are brilliant and we are grateful but they have many down days due to school holidays etc which render them closed. Understandable but not ideal.


I’ve been busy getting my head ready for the Portsmouth Open Championship on November 18th at the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth, Hants. Hopefully heading there on the 16th doing some training with Sensei Dewey at Honbu dojo and Sensei Smith at Lovedean.

GibShot itself has a couple of new members Kate and Debs who are back into karate after a small lay off much like many people including myself between 1983 and 1991. It happens for a myriad of reasons the main thing is you get back into it and grow again

I have also have a few questions recently about self defence classes. Short answer is yes I will do them but I need a few people to register their interest then register their commitment by turning up for the lessons. There is a great opportunity for office workers to get an hours self defence in every week and build not only your strength but confidence as well. Just contact me at the email below.