Calling new recruits!

Well 2018 is upon us and no doubt plenty of resolutions will be made and broken. I’m not interested in your broken promises though, I am hoping you will change your life completely and take the first steps on the path called Shotokan Karate. The history is well written about on websites and in books all around the world so I won’t waste your time.

Gibshot, well me actually, is looking for new students. If you are over 16 and good health then I can teach you karate. We have classes which are probably the easiest way to learn as there are other students around you to follow. You must train twice a week to be eligible for examinations which are approximately every 4 months and of course you’ll need a karate suit (Gi) and the appropriate belt (Obi).

If you prefer to train privately I can do 1-2-1 sessions either at your home if you have a space large enough (a small fitness studio) or you can train with me in a studio during the daytime, lunchtime for example.

Training sessions last for 90 minutes, no you don’t get a break, yes when it is hot you can have a sip of water (please ask first as indulgence is painful) and there is contact and touch control during the training.

The first lesson is free and costs are dependant on your circumstances and whether you want personal or group tuition. I cannot guarantee you will become another Bruce/Notorious/Rock but I can guarantee you will have fun, gain confidence and improve you ability.

We also attend courses in Spain and the UK for tuition especially brown belts onwards who need it for examination purposes to black belt. We also attend UK competitions and win medals at least once a year.

Give me a shout or an email if you are interested and start your path today.