Hi Everyone,

Gibshot is still well and truly going but finding a venue is always a problem in Gibraltar. We are currently training from 6 to 7pm (summer hours) Tuesday and Thursday weekly. Once the schools go back we will probably go back to 8pm to 9pm (9.30 for experienced students) as the school is in use earlier.)

I am also available for private tuition which is possible mornings and again evenings for an hour a lesson. (p.o.a.)

Other News

I was fortunate earlier this year to spend two months wandering around Japan the full story of which will appear in book form later this year. Suffice to say it was the adventure I truly hoped it would be and I met some wonderful people and most didn’t even do any form of karate.

Speaking of books my latest book entitled The Little Book of Short Stories is now available via Amazon or Apple books in print or an online version for the kindle/ipad readers. I urge you to buy it it keeps the wolves from the door …. thank you in advance.