GibShot has seen a lot of young people come and go either karate isn’t for them or their friends decide to convince them something else is better. To be fair it matters not the reason, just the fact that a committment to something especially something physical, is better than doing nothing. Karate has always been the poor relative in Gibraltar the rest of the world not so much in fact it is growing.
Myself and Sensei Paul went to a seminar in Crawley (near Gatwick) recently 4 days training a total of 11 hours in the dojo, full on if you want to know what it was like. I had a connection with the senior instructor Sensei Ohta 7th dan I trained with him many years ago when I lived in London at Sensei Enoeda’s dojo in Marshall Street. Also instructing were two alumni of JKA Honbu in Tokyo Shimizu 6th dan and Kurihara 6th dan. It was tough training and our legs felt it after almost continuous training each day with just 2 water breaks but it was brilliant if you like traditional karate.

2024 too is already planned, I always go to the 4 day Naka sensei course held by the AsociaciĆ³n de Shotokan Karate Espana Tradicional in June. This year is the 7th course and I’ve been to all of them and made many friends from Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, UK, Germany, Japan etc etc. The course runs in late June and my wife comes along spending her time in Chiclana at the beach or hotel pool while I train for 3 hours. This year In March there is a 4 day course also with Kobayashi sensei 7th dan. A lot to do and training to be had for those of us that love karate in all it’s forms.

Speaking of which while I was away early last year I managed in May to get to Okinawa and trained at the world famous Higaonna dojo in Naha. Master Higaonna thankfully allowed me to train (it is an invite only private dojo). He is 83 years old now and I attended 3 sessions of the 5 days I was there I couldn’t make the 4th as I had a plane to catch. It was truly an honour and I have made friends there I will never forget though my Japanese needs serious improvement. Oss!